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The world's smallest soundproof studio
Electronic Whisper Mute for Saxophone

Authentic saxophone mute which was invented and designed
by Shinji Hamanaga who invented the Silent Brass.

Made in Japan

You can play saxophone without reserve with e-Sax
anywhere and anytime you want!

e-Sax for alto II e-Sax for tenor

Features of e-Sax

* The method to muffle the sound acoustically and ideally without affecting the tone quality.
@ In other words, e-Sax is the world smallest soundproof chamber.
@ (Only a whisper can be heard outside the case.)

* The e-Sax mute system allows for full out playing.

* Actual sound (dynamics, timbre, etc.) can be monitored via the ingeneous pickup system
@ and headphones.


* Sound absorbing felt (white felt inside the e-Sax as below) with high quality
@ It uses a high-performance compound fiber with super moisture control, odor eliminating,
@ antibiotic action and fungus resistance to use the e-Sax comfortably without any problem..

Steam Absorbing Examination by humidifier

result of examination

The picture shows that the steam is leaking using the polyester cotton (pic on left)
because the moisture absorption does not work.
On the other picture (on right) shows the High moisture absorbing exothermic fiber
using for e-Sax absorbs the moisture completely due to high hygroscopicity.

This hygroscopic fiber performs highest value in an existing fiber in this world.
Moreover, this fiber is safe used for medical treatment and bedclothes

(The picture was provided from fiber manufacturer)

After using the e-Sax for a long time, please remove the sound-absorbing feits
from the shell and dry them naturally (avoid the direct rays of the sun).

* The e-Sax has the following multi functions.

1. Three mode of digital echo function
2. Karaoke performance with CD
3. Connect directly to recording device
4. Metronome functi

Electronic module for alto II & tenor

Why don't you try the e-Sax ?
We are sure that you'll like it !

with e-Sax for alto with e-Sax for tenor
Professional Saxophonist
Mr. Yuya

with e-Sax for alto with e-Sax for tenor
e-Sax Adviser
Prof. Atsuyasu Kitayama

Mr.Kitayama who was sent to America as an "overseas research fellow" by the Ministry of Education
of Japan in 1988 studied saxophone playing under Eugene Rousseau and the conducting method under
Ray Cramer while pursuing his studies in the music education at the music faculty of Indiana University
as a "visiting scholar".

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* Please set your saxophone correctly into the e-Sax as below.