FMC Piccolo Headjoints

Flute Masters started Piccolo tune-up from 1995 and have improved over 300 instruments so far. We assume that many
Piccolo players whose instruments have unbalanced tune or slow response would have long been frustrated because they
can not change the headjoint easily like flutes. We developed ideal tune-up system, merging advanced technology and the
achievements from our work over the last 10 years. Flute Masters can ensure the enjoyment of play with the stable
performance from low to high register.
Piccolo headjoints used to have difficulties, such as diversified joint sizes and shapes that differ by
manufacturers. To over come with these problems, we have developed "Masters headjoint" by carefully
curving thick wood into original headjoint in one piece. With this new system,it has now become easy
to change the position or the shape of embouchure hole.

We would recommend the following two types. Each with stability in emboucher, surprising enough
it is easy to play and it gives you a quick response from high to low note without irregularity

You will find a new impression from new form.

New Round (NR)
Improved version of Large Round (LR)Thick and
quality oriented embouchure. Germanic bright
sound and powerful resonance

New Top (NT)
Improved version of Line Top (LT) and New Wave
(NW) Accuracy in sound and high response.
In total, easy to play and an ideal instrument to
swich from flute