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FMC Flute Masters
Hand Made Flutes & Piccolo

Made in Japan

Master Made M18KB Premium

Yoichi Nojima

- Master Made -

Ultimate handicraft making the established tradition and high technology in harmony

" I am totally happy with my FMC flute !! "
Henrik Wiese
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

The company FMC Flute Masters was established in 1992 by three craftsmen who became independent from the Yamaha company.
They started the company as a repairing house specialized in flutes. Within two years and a half they repaired over 1,000 flutes
and brought them to life for performance. Through this precious experience, they decided to start manufacturing their own flutes
in order to meet the various needs of professional flutists which had been never accepted by the existing big makers.
They studied and mastered both the traditional and high technology and added their own ideas to it. After repeated trials and
improvements, they finally succeeded in manufacturing the ideal flutes.
The Master Made Flutes are the versatile and flexible instruments which can express the player's individuality
to their satisfaction. They are the instruments that can comply with requirements of most players.

Functional beauty, unparalleled sound quality, reliable craftsmanship to details

Master Made Gold

Standard Model

Master Made M970 Standard S925

Mr.Nojima was engaged in manufacturing handmade flutes for over 40 years and at the same time overhauled more than 5,000
flutes from the historical instruments such as Luis Lot, Haynes, Hammig flutes, etc., to the latest models.
The craftsmanship, the knowledge gained through the repairing experience and the selected materials gave birth to the Master
Made Flutes with rich sound and good response. They are literally dignified and refined instruments.

Features of FMC Flutes


* Soldered Tone Holes

All the tone holes of FMC Hand Made Flutes including the Standard Model are soldered for better sound and response.
The undercut holes unavailable to drawn holes can make the precise adjustment of intonation possible


* Scale

Their own scale is applied by recalculating those scale corrections of historical instruments.
This is not the scale based on one simple theory.
The well-balanced sound of correct intonation is produced in all registers.


      * Crown

The beautifully shaped crown has the refined cut ring.

* Key Design

Tear drop shaped trill keys fully provides the comfort and preferred hand position.


* Pinless Construction

In order to avoid even slight damage, FMC Flutes applied pinless construction and use the bridge mechanism
and socket head screws to secure keys to the fixed position.

* Shaft

The shafts coated with titanium are really durable and strong against rust. The gentle feel is also maintained.

* Key Cups and Snaps

The Key cup of the FMC Flutes is designed and made based on the shape of key pad. This can make the key pad
completely fit the key cup for longer time and ideally. The specially made flange of the snap can firmly keeps
the ring key pad as below. The mechanism can provide the stable conditions for good resonance.

* K16.8, Quality Gold Springs

The quality gold of K16.8 containing 70% gold is used for the spring wires.
They effect the light and smooth feel of key mechanism in the hands.


* Silver 970 and 997

A silver alloy, so-called Sterling Silver consisting of 92.5% silver is widely used by flute makers.
In addition to this 925, Master Made Flutes use special alloy of Silver 970 and 997
(respectively 97.0% and 99.7% silver) as materials for superb resonance and projection.

Seamed tube

FMC Flute Masters developed the new models of ideal seamed tube ; the sheet of precious silver material
970 is
wound into pipe and then specially welded using the same silver (970) material. (It's generally welded
using the wax material.) This welding way has the remarkable merits of better resonance and more durability,
as well. The company FMC Flute Masters dared to tackle this difficult process with their high technology and
finally succeeded in the development of this completely new seamed tube.

FMC Flute Masters Line Up
FMC Master-Made Piccolo MPC-8E
FMC Headjoints for Piccolo

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