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MOMO Special Ligatures
Made in Japan

The ligature is very important part for the instrument in the points ; how to amplify the vibration
of reed and how to enrich the sound colors.
Meister, Momotake Kawamura as a result of his own study, development, and various tests on the materials, cuts
the speciall processed materials and hammers them by hand to form ligatures. Then all the ligatures are acoustically
processed through special tempering. Two kinds of materials are used for the ligatures such as brass with brilliant
sound and nickel-silver with solid and serene sound. Two styles of ligatures, vertical and horizontal, are availabl
which have respective different resistance.

Incredibly good response / Clear and pure sound / Solid sound with a comfortable resistance /
Increased sound / The different sounds by materials / Sound to be projected to every corner of
concert hall / Easy-to-play slur / Wide range of dynamics / Easy-to-control sound

Material : Brass or Nickel Silver
b or Bb clarinet and Bass clarinet / silver plate or gold plate

The difference in the sound by the configuration
* Vertical style ............. Solid sound (because of having much area to press down a reed.)
* Horizontal style ......... Flexible sound (compared with the vertical style.)

Chart of the MoMo Special Ligatures