New Model in 30 years
Chromatic Strobo Tuner Model 8001

The improved version of 7050D

Made in Japan

One of the most important techniques in ensemble is to tune the pitch of every instrument accurately .
The NODE Chromatic Tuner 8001 will make your tuning speedy and perfect. The precise tuning
will improve the listening skills and make the entire harmony of ensemble beautiful and comfortable.

* Range of Pitch Deviation : -50 to +50 cents
* Tuning Range: 6 Octaves ( C4 to B87 )
* Accuracy : A : 0.00%, Other Notes : within 0.04%
* A49 Pitch (Hz) : 435 - 445
* Dimensions & Weight : 393 x 130 x 198 mm, Approx.5.8 kgs.
* Power Source : AC adapter
( Input AC100V to 240V)
* Power Consumption : 24W (Max)

- High quality realtime tuning for musical instruments -

The Best Tuning Machine for
* Symphonic Orchestras / * Wind Orchestra and School Bands / * Musical Instruments Manufacturers
/ * Music Institutes / * Training Schools for Piano Tuners / * Concert Halls

* Intonation training for wind musical instruments such as flute, oboe, clarinet, trumpet and etc.
* For quick and accurate tuning of bands, orchestras or ensembles.
* For tuning instruments having an Equi-Tempered scale such as piano, cembalo, organ, accordion or electronic keyboard
* For precise pitch measurement of any musical instruments or other audio sources.
* For use in the design and manufacture of musical instruments, mouthpieces, mutes and etc.
* For auditory education and studying.

Old model 7050D

There are no complicated procedures in using this tuner.
You just only insert the power plug into the receptacle of indoor line.

The twelve fan-shaped windows are arranged on the front panel as same position as
piano's twelve black and white keys in an octave.

Seven windows in the lower row and five windows in the upper row are respectively
corresponding to white and black keys of the piano and these windows have each
pattern discs inside respectively. All the pattern discs are exactly of the same size.

Tuning of Musicical Instruments

This chromatic strobo tuner is originally designed for the tuning of musical instruments such
as Pianos, Organs, Accordions, Harmonicas or wind instruments and etc. in their factories.

Tuning of Piano

Usually piano should be tuned in accordance with the curve of "Stretch" shown in the operation
manual of this tuner. As shown in the "Stretch" curve for the tuning of piano, higher and lower
frequency will be stretched slightly. Each scale has in general fixed amount of stretching and this
amount also changes in few cent depending upon the individual taste of the pianist or experience
of the tuner.

Tuning of the reeds of Organ, Harmonica and Accordion

Usually set red indicator to the zero point of the dial.
Then blow the reed to be tuned in front of the microphone. If it's the sound of "A" the pattern
will appear in the "A" window. If the pattern rotates slowly to the left, the sound is slightly lower
than the standard. In this case, shave the top of the reed slightly with a file.Then blow the reed
again, if the pattern comes to a standstill, it's perfectly tuned. All that is necessary, is to shave
the reed so as to produce a statonary pattern.

Tuning of Wind Instruments
Now, this 12 wheels Chromatic Tuner has become an indispensable tool in the factories of
musical instruments especially wind instrument for manufacturing, designing and repairing.

Tuning of Steelpan
This Node Chromatic Strobo Tuner displays the fundamental and overtones simultaneously
in a single chromatic display.

You will be able to finish the tuning in real time with high quality.

Outline of the mechanism

There are same strobo pattern discs behind the twelve fan shaped windows.These pattern discs
are fixed on the spindles sticking out of the scanning gear box.

Rotation of the pattern discs are controled by the gear mechanism of the scanning device having
the ratio of twelve tempered scale.

The LED flashers are placed behind the pattern discs.

When a musical sound is input through the microphone, these LED flasers flash in the frequency
of its sound. (Just in Tune)

When an "A" sound is introduced, the pattern will appears in the "A" window by the stroboscopic
phenomenon. In other windows the pattern figures will disapper.

Rotary Vernier Dial
(on the right side of the front panel)

* You can check the pitch error per cent.
* You can change the pitch caribrated first to the different pitch you want promptly.
@ (for example, 442Hz 442Hz+3cent by turning the dial to 3 cent, right side) @

* Cleaning
The viewing windows should be cleaned with a mild window cleaner.
Put a small amount of window cleaner on a clean cloth or soft paper towel and wipe the dirt or smudges from
the windows lightly. Never rub hard or spray the window cleaner directly on the tuner.

* Lubrication
The Model 8001 can be used for 6 to 8 thousand hours continuously before it is necessary to lubricate it. Whwn
lubricating, use a fine oil, preferably with MO52 which is available from Node.


Using an approved oil, put one drop on each spindle at the bearing, on both the front and rear sides of the gear
box. After the initial lubrication it will be necessary to lubricate the gear box after each 2,000 hours of use

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